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U.X,A. - "Illusions Of Grandeur" - Digipack CD with Obi Strip

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U.X,A. - "Illusions Of Grandeur" - Digipack CD with Obi Strip

The Californian punk band United Experiments of America was formed in San Francisco in 1978, centered around the figures of frontwoman Denise Semiroux, alias De De Troit, and guitarist Michael Kowalsky, who tragically died of a heroin overdose in the same year. The debut album Illusions of Grandeur, released by Posh Boy in 1980, captures the tense atmosphere and nature of the group's sound, part hardcore and part dirge-rock. With original prints on sale at sky-high prices, this re-release is accompanied by the rarities "Social Circle" and the angsty theme song "U.X.A.", from the esteemed compilation Tooth And Nail. Intense!

Released by Radiation Records

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